How to spend a perfect day in the Cape Peninsula

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How to spend one epic day in the Cape Peninsula
Perfect itinerary for a day in the Cape Peninsula

I have yet to meet a single person who has visited Cape Town and didn’t love it. The perfect combination of city and outdoors, Cape Town is a paradise for foodies and hikers, art lovers and surfers.

If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town, you’ll have to add spending a day in the Cape Peninsula to your itinerary. Part of the Table Mountain National Park, the peninsula is the perfect destination to escape the hubbub of the city for a day.

The Cape Peninsula boasts quaint seaside villages, pristine beaches, and spectacular coastal views. Head to the southwesternmost point of the African continent, take a dip in the Atlantic with African penguins, and drive one of the world’s most scenic coastal roads.

Here’s your perfect itinerary to visit the best of the Cape Peninsula in 1 day!
2-week Namibia itinerary
2-week Namibia itinerary

Visit the beachside town of Muizenberg

Distance: 30 km from Cape Town to Muizenberg

Start your day in the Cape Peninsula in Muizenberg, a beachside town about a 20-minute drive from Cape Town. It’s located on the western end of Muizenberg Beach, a 32 km stretch of smooth white sand. Muizenberg’s most iconic landmark are the rows of colorful beach huts, lined up on the beach.

Muizenberg is also one of the most popular surf spots around Cape Town. If you want to catch some waves, you can hire a surfboard or take a class at one of the various surf shops and surf schools in town.

Muizenberg is definitely worth a stop. But if you’re planning on spending your day exploring the Cape Peninsula, I would recommend not staying for too long, because there is still a lot more to see!

2-week Namibia itinerary
2-week Namibia itinerary

Swim with penguins at Boulder’s Beach

Distance: 13 km / 20 min from Muizenberg to Simon’s Town

From Muizenberg, head along the coast of False Bay to Simons’ Town. On the way, you’ll come past St. James Beach with some more colorful beach huts and the quaint little town of Kalk Bay. Especially Kalk Bay is a pretty spot to stop for a coffee or a quick browse through some of the shops.

Simons Town’s main draw is a large colony of African penguins, a must-see
while spending a day in the Cape Peninsula!

There are two places to watch the penguins in Simon’s Town, and I absolutely recommend visiting both. Foxy Beach is best to see a high quantity of penguins. There’s a boardwalk leading down to the beach, providing ideal vantage points to observe the bustle in the penguin colony.

The second spot, Boulder’s Beach, is only a short walk from Foxy Beach. Boulder is a small beach sheltered by giant boulders. There aren’t as many penguins, but you can get even closer to them. Don’t forget your swimsuit, as Boulder’s is also a perfect spot for a swim and some beach time!

Pro tip: there’s a small passage between the boulders at the far end of the beach. At low tide, you can squeeze through, to get to a second, hidden beach.

As cute as the penguins are, and as fun as it is to watch them and take photos with them, don’t forget that they are wild animals. Don’t feed or touch them, and always keep some distance so that you don’t scare them.

Boulder’s Beach entry fees: entry to Boulder’s Beach costs ZAR 170 for foreign visitors, ZAR 85 for SADC-residents, and ZAR 42 for South African residents and citizens (with passport/ID).

Drive all the way to Cape Point

Distance: 24 km / 35 min from Simon’s Town to Cape Point

Once you’ve spent enough time with the penguins in Simon’s Town, continue heading south towards the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve. The nature reserve boasts towering cliffs, unspoiled beaches, and historical sites, and is a must-see on the Cape Peninsula.

The area is also commonly referred to as Cape Point, the southwesternmost point of Africa, and the most dramatic landmark in the reserve, located at the very tip of the peninsula.

Cape Point entry fees: entry to Cape Point costs ZAR 360 for foreign visitors, ZAR 180 for SADC residents, and ZAR 90 for South African residents and citizens (with passport/ID). The gate is open daily from 7 AM to 5 PM.

Don’t confuse Cape Point with Cape Agulhas. As I mentioned, Cape Point is the southwesternmost point of Africa, while Cape Agulhas 2.5 hours from Cape Town is the southern tip of the continent, where the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean meet.

The best things to do at Cape Point

  • Discover Cape Point on one of the many hiking trails. You can find some of the best short hikes here.
  • Explore some of the scenic, lonely beaches at Cape Point, like Dias Beach, or Olifantsbos Beach, the starting point of the Shipwreck Trail. Alternatively, you can visit the tidal pools at Bordjiesrif or Buffels Bay.
  • Climb up to the old lighthouse at Cape Point, towering 238m above the Atlantic. To get up there, follow the steep trail from the car park, or catch a ride with the funicular.
Best places to visit in Cape Town_Chapmans Peak Drive
Best places to visit in Cape Town_Chapmans Peak Drive

Take in the coastal views at Chapman’s Peak Drive

Distance: 55 km / 1 h 10 min from Cape Point to Hout Bay past Noordhoek and Chapman’s Peak Drive

End your day in the Cape Peninsula with Chapman’s Peak Drive, one of the world’s most scenic coastal roads. The 9 km long toll road winds its way between steep rock faces and the Atlantic from Noordhoek to Hout Bay.

Costs: Chapman’s Peak Drive is a toll road with a small fee of ZAR 50 (for a normal car) payable at the entrance near Hout Bay. Make sure you have enough cash on you if you don’t have a South African bank card because foreign cards are not accepted.

Tipp: stop at Fish on the Rocks in Hout Bay for some delicious fish and chips with a view of Chapman’s Peak Drive.

From Hout Bay, head back to your accommodation in Cape Town. For even more beautiful coastal views, take the M6 past Llandudno to Camps Bay and Clifton.

Itinerary for a day in the Cape Peninsula

Planning on spending a day in the Cape Peninsula? Let me know if you have any questions and save this post on Pinterest to save it for later!
2-week Namibia itinerary
2-week Namibia itinerary

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